• Underage Piercings

    Body piercings can be performed on persons under the age of 18 years with proper documentation and parental consent.

  • Children between the ages of 5 to 12 years of age may get their ear lobes pierced with parental consent and a birth certificate, parents will also need their government or state issued ID, please contact me by e-mail to set up an appointment for your child's ear lobe piercings at piercingsbycara@gmail.com.

  • Ages 13 & 14 years may get their helix pierced with a birth certificate, parental consent and parents' state or government issued ID.

  • Ages 15 to 17 years may get any body piercings they would like (excluding genitals and nipples) with parental consent, birth certificate, parents' state or government issued ID, and the minor must also have an ID (school IDs are also accepted for minors in this age range).

  • Piercings for Migraine Relief

    I am not a medical professional, I have only been trained to adorn and not to cure. That being said, I will not pierce under the guise of it relieving your migraines. There is no medical evidence to support that daith piercings will aid in relief of your migraines. Here is some further reading.


  • Hypertrophic Scarring vs. Keloids

Have you noticed a small bump that resembles a pimple next to your new piercing? This is common and is referred to as a hypertrophic scar. They are not infectious! They contain excess plasma, white blood cells and collagen that is trying to escape the wound. These typically form due to irritation, and can be treated by performing warm saltwater soaks on the area. Do not attempt to pop them, this is only irritating to the area.  Keloids on the other hand are typically a genetic from of scarring that occurs more commonly in darker pigmented skin and can continue to grow in size until they require removal surgically.


  • Twisting Jewelry

This should be avoided! Turning your jewelry only irritates the wound and slows down the healing process. Your skin will not adhere to your jewelry, this is a common misconception that can damage the surrounding tissue around your piercing.


  • Nerve Damage / Losing Feeling

I'm always asked if a piercing is going to "pinch a nerve" or if someone could lose feeling from a piercing. This is simply impossible. Unless I pierce through your spinal cord or sever a body part completely....you'll be just fine. You will however experience some mild irritation and swelling just like any other puncture wound.


  • Pregnancy / Nursing

I will not perform piercings on a woman who is currently pregnant or breast-feeding. If you were to contract an infection the bacteria could pass from mother to child and be detrimental to their health. I refuse to be responsible for this. Let your body focus your your baby right now, come back and see me when you are no longer pregnant or breast-feeding.

So you want your nipples pierced right now, but you want to breast-feed later? Great! having your nipples pierced now will not affect breast-feeding later. Just make sure to remove your piercings before breast-feeding to avoid a choking hazard!